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QuickBox Fulfillment Oct 18, 2023 13 min read

How to Beautify Your Cosmetics Fulfillment

Whether you’re a direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand, business-to-business (B2B) brand, or have multiple sales channels, you likely already know the health, wellness, and beauty markets have advanced retail sales, skyrocketing worldwide growth. In fact, as of 2021, the personal care and beauty economy alone was valued at $955 Billion, leading the global wellness economy. And, this sector is projected to grow annually at ~9.9%.

Moreover, companies are leveraging the internet to transform how people shop, create real connections with their customers, and build the trust needed to grow quickly. In addition, brands are using online opportunities to drive growth with innovation, price, quality, and convenience.

With this growth opportunity comes increased competition. So how can you, your products, and your company stand out?

Turn Your Logistics into a Powerful Revenue Driver

In today’s competitive market, direct consumers and retail partners expect perfect orders every time. In many locations, customers have become accustomed to two-day delivery and expect their orders to be received when promised, without error or damage. And retailers often require advanced IT integration as well as strict compliance.

Getting products shipped accurately, routed correctly, and delivered on time is imperative to the customer-buying process. This is where QuickBox comes in.

Growing brands understand the importance of a smooth and beautifully executed fulfillment strategy. QuickBox’s carefully designed process flawlessly delivers your products on time by ensuring our fulfillment integrates seamlessly with your shopping cart, order management system, or CRM, and pulls your vital order data and completely transparent dashboard, so you have the information you need at your fingertips in real time.

Once your orders reach the fulfillment environment, our proprietary pick-pack process and intuitive shipping logistics go to work to get your orders through the warehouse, into the proper supply chain, and impeccably into your customers’ hands.

We beautifully execute your fulfillment process, so you can focus on business growth!

How the Right Fulfillment Partner Flawlessly Enhances Beauty Fulfillment

  • Lower Costs: Outsourcing your fulfillment to QuickBox allows you to lower operational costs and position your inventory for quick delivery. QuickBox’s expertise in fulfillment brings sophistication and technology into your fulfillment process to deliver actionable insights and improve your customer’s experience. Our carefully planned processes, state-of-the-art systems, and highly efficient operations allow your business to ship more orders without the high costs of in-house warehousing or staff.

    When a new campaign strategy suddenly takes off or you add additional products to your line, QuickBox has scalable procedures to handle the fluctuations efficiently. We are always ready to manage and plan our staff so we can honor your projected volumes.

    Don’t worry if further escalation is urgent as we have plenty of space to accommodate your product growth. In addition, we’ve put together a team of the best in fulfillment, resulting in:

    99.5% Same-Day Shipping
    99.8% Inventory Accuracy
    And 100% of returns processed within 48 hours

QuickBox makes scalable growth of your business possible with operations in place to readily expand your inventory and fulfillment to meet future needs quickly and easily.

  • Creating Joy in “Unboxing”: Packaging your merchandise is often the closest you get to a personal touch with your customers. It’s an opportunity to put both quality and personality into your delivery. When arranging items in a shipping box, you need to visualize and understand what packing configuration will delight your customers.

    E-commerce infill packaging furthers your branding and marketing mission. When done well, it’s also where you avoid and limit returns. In short, it can set you apart and help you beat out the competition.

Give your beauty and cosmetic customers an experience that will keep them coming back for more with QuickBox!

  • Scaling Up Growth with Subscriptions: Getting customers is huge, but retaining them is everything. The right fulfillment partner can help create an ideal customer experience for your brand—and that includes not only custom packaging and kitting but services to deliver your products to your customers on an ongoing basis while monitoring orders as well as forecasting inventory.

    QuickBox’s subscription model allows you to ship your products to customers on a regular, reoccurring basis, so your customers receive their orders automatically and dependably.

    Our modern technology makes it easy for you, too, with intuitive integrations that are easy to manage—either with subscription apps with our partners or our open API.

  • Strategically Placed Warehouses: Your clientele is located not just in one region but across this country and even around the world. So, if you have only one or two fulfillment centers, you’re at a disadvantage.

    With locations in Denver, Colorado; Atlanta, Georgia; New York/New Jersey; and Carson, California, our warehouses are conveniently located to receive your products into inventory and ship them out quickly to your customers. Plus, our technology automatically ensures each order is sent to the most convenient center, saving time and shipping costs. It also allows your orders to reach customers in just one to three business days. Plus, we are the only fulfillment center this side of the Rocky Mountains to have Sunday Shipping! This eliminates weekend rollover—improving your time to home by a full day.

  • Top-Notch Support for Your Success: We understand your fulfillment service provider is a critical part of your success. That’s why we’re always available to support and anticipate your needs.

    Our client support team puts the “friendly” in “fast, friendly, and accurate”—our brand promise to you. Each day they will provide a report with your key business/fulfillment metrics, including inventory stock status, and respond to all your inquiries in real-time.

    Our top-notch technology seamlessly fits into your online store to allow us to automatically pick, pack, and fulfill orders, and our data-driven team helps you optimize the entire fulfillment process: from shipping costs to time to delivery to inventory management and more. Plus, our iQ Technology provides a clear understanding and full transparency, so you can see and contend with any potential blemishes before they become unsightly.

We continue to evolve and improve our technology to provide the data you need with an easy-to-use and integrate platform.

  • Value-Added Services: At QuickBox, we also pride ourselves in partnering with leaders in the industry to offer value-added services and complete end-to-end solutions supporting everything it takes to run and grow a successful campaign for our clients. Our CRM and e-commerce partners are committed to the success of your online business, just like we are. 

QuickBox’s relationships with these reliable e-commerce partners mean you can trust we’ll help grow your business for customer retention and long-term success. Our experience in working with a variety of CRM and e-commerce partners makes us experts in successfully implementing your fulfillment strategy. The QuickBox team also maintains certifications in the latest technologies. 

  • Smart Inventory Management: Inventory management and control is the most critical and sensitive task for any business. QuickBox provides proactive, coordinated inventory management planning—both on the front and back end—to help you avoid painful stockouts of your most successful products and help turn your business into a beautifully smooth, money-making machine.

    One of our most important logistics features is our first expiration in, first out system (or FEFO). This versatile, straightforward process prioritizes which products to move out and into the hands of your customers first while protecting your valuable inventory. Delivery is arranged according to date of consumption and expiration, regardless of the date of entry or procuration, to ensure products are delivered according to the expiration date.

    What’s more, at QuickBox, we work with our partners to ensure our clients are compliant with regulatory agencies. Our expert-staffed compliance department stays on top of the rules and regulations from local health departments, hazardous materials (hazmat) transport and storage, and more. To ensure our team is at the forefront of understanding any new requirements, QuickBox has also partnered with industry leaders.

    Numerous regulations impact specific beauty and cosmetic products. To make matters more complex, these laws may be changed or modified periodically through legislation. And the rules and regulations are not always clear and easy to understand. At QuickBox, our goal is to keep your company and our standards up to date and in compliance with these complex and changing regulations, again, so you can focus on growing your business and brand.

Our logistic experts continuously communicate with you to better understand your specific strategy and customize the process to provide the best economic and profitable warehousing service for you.

Throughout the entire process, your products are handled with expert hands. The Advanced Inventory Control Technology System lets you run your business economically, effectively, and efficiently.

With a perfect inventory workflow system, you increase profitability, build trust, minimize costs, and optimize performance.

At QuickBox Fulfillment, we have robust technology, strong third-party relationships, modern operating facilities, passionate employees, and “best-in-class” inventory control procedures. We consistently apply our in-depth knowledge of fulfillment best practices to every account… all of which are in place to support the pick-pack and shipment of orders to both business and consumer destinations.

  • A Trusted Partner: At QuickBox, we want to see your business succeed and understand our services are a big part of making that happen. We maintain delivery accuracy and efficiency to help you thrive and continually optimize to provide you with fast, friendly, accurate service.

QuickBox manages D2C, B2B, and omnichannel fulfillment and distribution services for numerous companies in health, wellness, beauty, and cosmetics, which allows us to continuously improve accuracy and efficiency with all of our clients. Improvement of our practices has a tremendous impact—not only on the end-user experience but also on the supply chain.

We are the perfect fulfillment management center with integrated fulfillment services for a growing health, wellness, and beauty brand. We will handle ALL the logistics so you can focus on growing your business.

No longer a cost center, powerful logistics can help drive revenue, sales, and even cement relationships for lifelong customers.

For brands, the right fulfillment service can help reduce costs, headaches, hassles, and worry lines. QuickBox Fulfillment includes:

  • E-commerce and Direct Response Product Fulfillment
  • Continuity/Autoship Fulfillment
  • Warehousing
  • Retail and Specialty Inventory Management
  • Omnichannel Logistics
  • Custom Packaging
  • Kit Assembly
  • And more

ALL shipments are processed on the same day they are received, seven days a week. Quality control checkpoints are integrated throughout the QuickBox fulfillment process to isolate and eliminate errors. And we’re constantly looking at ways to improve product flow from receiving, put-away, processing, and pick-pack.

Isn’t it time to make your brand stand out and remove the stress and worry of logistics? Contact us today to see how we can help beautify your fulfillment process.