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Custom eCommerce Packaging, Kitting, & Assembly Solutions

Solutions to differentiate your brand

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First Impressions Are Everything

Creating custom packaging and kits is a great way to differentiate your product and brand. Whether you’re a subscription box business, bundling gifts for holidays and special occasions, or looking to create introductory offers for new customers, presentation is key.

Kit assembly, shrink-wrapping, and all forms of automated and manual packaging services complement our fulfillment services. And we're here to provide expertise throughout the process, helping you come up with creative packaging ideas, managing assembly line operations, and optimizing shipping to your customers.

We’ve assembled just about every kind of kit imaginable and have significant experience working with die-cut boxes, trays, pads, labels, seals, and custom inserts. We’ll make sure your customer’s first impression of your brand is one to remember.

Packaging expertise

Packaging Expertise

We can offer suggestions on how to protect, present, and optimize your packaging design for postage cost savings.

Material sourcing

Material Sourcing

We can supply all packaging materials, from basic plain kraft or white mailers to beautifully printed and branded cartons. 

D2C or retail shipping

D2C or Retail Shipping

We’ll ship assembled kits in bulk to your retailers or direct-to-consumers based on your instruction.

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Inventory Management for Assembled Kits

We maintain control of components and assembled kits in our warehouse management system and create kit assembly transactions to convert inventory from one form to the other. We retain detailed kit assembly instructions for each kit, which automatically prints with the kit assembly transaction for compliance on our production assembly lines. Maintaining inventory at both levels facilitates a virtual and physical paper trail of inventory usage and allocation for proper inventory management practices, and tracking of inventory lots allows for product recall reporting.

Our Promise: Fast, Friendly, Accurate Service

Fast, Friendly, Accurate. It’s not just a tagline – these three fundamental values drive every action, behavior, and decision we make at QuickBox:

Fast fulfillment services


We react quickly to things that may adjust on a daily basis. Your orders are packed the same day and delivered on time to your customers.

Friendly order fulfillment


We make great service a priority at QuickBox. We want our friendly and responsive team to feel like an extension of yours, right down the hall.

Accurate orders and inventory


We take care to ensure all packages arrive in good order to your customers and your inventory is accurately stated in our warehouse.


We offer competitive pricing and will provide you with a custom quote based on the unique needs of your business. Please contact us using the button below or by calling 720-990-5642. We look forward to discussing your business and how a partnership with QuickBox can help you reach your objectives.

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You Can Rely on QuickBox to Meet Your Service Level Expectations

24hrs Order Processing
24hrs Dock-to-Stock
99.8% Order Accuracy
48hrs Returns Processing

Easy Integration with Your Shopping Cart

Integrate your online store with QuickBox’s iQ Connect. We support today’s popular eCommerce and CRM platforms.

Let’s Talk!

 Ready to learn how QuickBox can help your business? Reach out to us to discuss your unique needs. We don’t make you fit into our “Box” – we build a “Box” to meet your changing needs!

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