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QuickBox Fulfillment Feb 22, 2023 3 min read

Creating Joy in "Unboxing": Build Brand Identity One Box at a Time

eCommerce offers customers convenience, information, and education they can use to find the best products to suit their personal style, wellness, and other lifestyle needs. This has opened new doors for both customers and online retailers alike.

With this opportunity, however, comes increased competition, which is why it’s crucial to stand out by offering customers an inviting, friendly, and efficient buying experience. A great fulfillment strategy is part of that experience.

For online-only brands especially, packaging your eCommerce merchandise is the closest you get to a personal touch with your customers. It’s an opportunity to put both quality and personality into your delivery. When arranging items in a shipping box, it’s vital to visualize and understand how your packing configuration will impact the customer experience.

Your product packaging can further your branding and marketing mission. When done well, it can also help save costs, reduce waste, and minimize returns. In short, it can set you apart and help beat out the competition.

Give your customers an experience that will keep them coming back for more!

With QuickBox, you can tell the story of your brand with branded boxes or plain packaging, marketing flyers or stickers, customizable receipts and rewards, and more to create an inviting, positive experience—designed just for your customers. 

  • Delight your customers
    We put extra care into packing every single order, so your customers are completely delighted when their shipment hits their doorstep. 

  • Reduce costs
    But packaging is also about your bottom line. With a wide variety of package sizes and materials, including customization options for your specific products, QuickBox helps clients keep shipments as light and small as possible while maximizing quality. This allows us to help keep material and postage costs from eating away at your profit margin while delighting your customers and driving brand loyalty.

  • Optimize shipping
    Because we ship such large quantities for multiple vendors, we have negotiated the best shipping rates, which we pass on to our partners. We are integrated with major shipping logistics companies across the country, so you have access to a wide range of shipping options to optimize postage while meeting delivery times.

No longer a cost center, powerful logistics can help drive revenue, sales, and even cement relationships for lifelong customers.

For eCommerce and DTC brands, the right fulfillment service can help reduce costs, headaches, and hassles. QuickBox Fulfillment includes:

For fast, friendly, accurate fulfillment. 

We integrate with all major eCommerce platforms and process orders are processed on the day they are received, seven days a week. Quality control checkpoints are integrated throughout the process to isolate and eliminate errors. And we’re constantly looking at ways to improve - from receiving, put-away, processing, and pick-pack.

Isn’t it time to make your brand stand out and remove the stress and worry of logistics? 

Contact us today!