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QuickBox Fulfillment Mar 20, 2024 4 min read

Beyond Transactions: QuickBox Provides Resources to Help You Thrive

In business, it can sometimes feel like everything is transactional. You pay for X, and X is what you get in return. Yet some businesses see beyond transactions and look at business as relationships with shared resources. At QuickBox, for instance, we don’t see our business as simply 3PL fulfillment. Instead, we offer an array of services and resources designed to support our clients and help them succeed.

Here are just some of the ways QuickBox has transformed the typical 3PL transaction into a resource partnership:

  • Ecommerce and Retail Fulfillment: The foundation of our business is to provide specialized fulfillment services for many types of companies. This includes direct-to-consumer (D2C), retail, subscription-based models, Amazon marketplace sellers, and omnichannel sellers. QuickBox handles, packages, and ships orders as well as processes returns, working with customers to ensure their deliveries are fast and accurate.
  • Custom Packaging and Kitting: Many businesses don’t want their orders to blend in and look like every other box delivered. QuickBox offers customization options for packaging and kitting, so you can enhance your brand and create joy with every unboxing.
  • Shipping Optimization: Postage is one of the biggest expenses when it comes to fulfillment. We work with clients to optimize the shipping processes, which not only ensures efficient delivery times but also can significantly reduce shipping costs.
  • Technological Solutions: With our proprietary iQ Client Portal, we provide technological-driven solutions. This platform offers robust data analytics and insights into inventory, orders, and shipping, and warehouse performance—all in real-time. So, our clients can manage their fulfillment processes more efficiently. Plus, it’s easy to integrate with popular eCommerce platforms via iQ Connect.

In addition to the more fulfillment-oriented solutions above, QuickBox emphasizes strong partnerships and a personal approach to logistics. We aim to act as an extension of our client’s businesses, so we provide:

  • Dedicated Account Managers: Clients are assigned dedicated account managers who become deeply familiar with their businesses. That allows us to act as one of your team members, not only when it comes to logistics but to provide additional resources. Our Rolodex is open to all our clients—so if your business is looking for further support, we can provide access to our broad network of services, consultations, or referrals.
  • Open Communication with Leadership: With many companies (3PL and others), the leadership team is so remote it almost feels mythical. At QuickBox, we keep the communication lines open—even for the C Suite, so clients can gain access for support and strategic advice not only from their dedicated account manager but from the full team when needed.
  • Adaptable Solutions: Business is dynamic and ever-changing, so clients need flexible services that can adapt to evolving needs. This includes scaling up operations, adjusting to peak seasons, adapting to market changes, and more.
  • Proactive Problem Solving: Using analytics and technology, we can better anticipate changes and offer solutions proactively. This allows for smoother and steadier operations.

Ready to learn more about QuickBox’s approach to a personalized partnership model for your extensive logistics needs? Contact us today to see how we go beyond transactions to become a partner committed to your company’s growth and success!