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QuickBox Fulfillment Oct 20, 2022 3 min read

The Benefits of Moving Your Business to a Multichannel 3PL

The right third-party logistics (3PL) partnership can help revolutionize your shipping and logistics channel and help it stay lean, organized, and accurate. It can help you give your customers the type of consistent, affordable, and fast delivery they’ve come to expect.

As your company grows and your logistics become more complex, it may be time to consider scaling up to a multichannel 3PL.

What Is a Multichannel 3PL?

Many brands are familiar with selling directly to their customers or servicing a key retailer. Yet as brands expand, they can find new opportunities to sell products through multiple channels. This can include online, in a physical store, and through marketplaces like Amazon, Target, and others. This is where multichannel 3PLs come in.

Servicing each type of customer can take very different approaches, expertise, technology, paperwork, and much more. And it can be challenging to manage the different and complex requirements for each channel.

Multichannel 3PLs have the expertise to help brands provide a consistent message and experience for their customers while optimizing the relationship with each channel. It starts by following their systems and procedures meticulously.

Think of it as combining all aspects of order management, logistics, and fulfillment into one streamlined system. It allows you to use one system to access, manage, and better understand orders, inventory, trends, and more across all your sales channels.

So, whether a customer is buying directly from you, picking up their preferred product in store, or ordering from an online marketplace, their journey remains consistent and engaging.

Why Move to a Multichannel 3PL?

Especially when working with several partners through different channels, a lot of knowledge, experience, and data is required. The details can become overwhelming for even the most organized people.

Fortunately, at QuickBox, we specialize in knowing each channel’s requirements and having the expertise and relationships in place to better serve our clients. We provide a one-stop shop for your logistics and fulfillment needs.

Running your business is a constant balancing act as you manage your products, website, point of sales, customer communications, and finances, plus all the big and small details to keep your customers happy.

The right 3PL partnership can help you create a strategic system to simplify and streamline your logistics and fulfillment to deliver consistent results you can count on. This can save you time, money, and resources, so you can focus on what’s most important – growing your business.

Are you expanding your customer touch points? Learn more about how QuickBox can help your growing business thrive while saving you time, money, and resources with multichannel 3PL. Contact us today.