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QuickBox Fulfillment Jan 13, 2023 4 min read

Your 2023 To-Do List for Business Growth

At the end of a year, most of us look back at how we’ve grown, what we’ve learned, and perhaps most importantly, how we can improve. From there, we can set new goals or resolutions for the year to come.

While many folks focus on fitness or health goals, personal finance resolutions, and spending more time with family, business leaders take stock of not only personal goals but how they can improve and grow their business. For growing brands, the fulfillment process is one of the first things to look at, particularly on the heels of the busy holiday shopping season.

After all, fulfillment – including on-time, accurate order delivery – is vital to customer satisfaction. And if your customers aren’t happy, your growth can be severely held back. In fact, statistics have found that up to 8 in 10 consumers will jump to a new brand if the experience doesn’t meet their expectations. A great fulfillment partner will also lend their expertise to help you operate efficiently and reduce costs.

That’s why it’s important to evaluate your partnerships after peak rushes, such as the holiday season. Now is one of the best times of the year to reevaluate the service you and your business have received. We don’t have to tell you how much holiday shopping tends to put fulfillment partners to the test. So, did your provider make the grade?

  • Did they get your orders out on time?
  • Did they delight your customers with correct, well-packaged, customized orders?
  • Are they flexible and nimble enough to handle changes in volume, selections, and channels?
  • Did they provide timely reports, so you could respond quickly to changes?
  • Did they respond to questions professionally and timely?
  • Did they protect your inventory, customers, and confidential data as if it were their own?
  • Do they have top-notch facilities and advanced technology to track and report on orders in real time?
  • Do they have the right locations to help you optimize shipping times and postage costs?
  • Can they handle specialized or customized requests?
  • Are they trustworthy and transparent?
  • Do they deliver on their promises and provide great service to you and your customers?


Do You Need a New Fulfillment Partner in 2023?

Ensuring customers have a positive experience is vital to your growth, as 9 in 10 customers say they’ll continue buying from companies that meet their expectations. If your fulfillment partner didn’t meet or, better yet, exceed your expectations, finding a new provider should be at the top of your to-do list in 2023.

Switching your fulfillment provider is easier than you think. Our team at QuickBox works as an extension of your brand, ensuring your customers receive their orders properly packed, shipped, and delivered on time. We make fulfillment easy for you by:

  • Integrating with your eCommerce, CRM, and order management systems
  • Offering four convenient fulfillment center locations close to you and your customers
  • Providing fast, friendly, and accurate fulfillment seven days a week

Start the new year off right and help your business grow. Let’s discuss how partnering with QuickBox can ensure your customers have a great experience that keeps them coming back. 

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