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Vendor-Managed Inventory

End-to-end product development and distribution for eCommerce Health & Wellness brands

Vendor managed inventory warehouse

Save Time, Money, and the Hassle of Supplier and Inventory Management

Our vendor-managed inventory (VMI) service helps ease the pains of supply chain and inventory management. With VMI, we couple our expertise in product development with best-in-class fulfillment services to provide end-to-end management of your inventory.

With our VMI service, we’ll help you develop and source supplements, skincare, or pet care products, leveraging our supplier relationships to ensure the best cost and quality. Once you start selling your product online, we’ll take care of the inventory planning so you never have to worry about overstocks, understocks, losses, and shortages. And of course, you can rely on QuickBox to get your products to customers – accurately packed, properly shipped, and delivered on time.

Supplier relations optimize cost and quality

Supplier Relations

We leverage our supplier relationships to ensure the best cost, quality, and production capability.

Planning and forecasting

Planning and Forecasting

We’ll help make sure the right amount of product is on hand, so you never have too much or too little.

Integration management

Integration Management

Fulfillment? We know a thing or two about it! We will make sure your product is properly packed and shipped on time.

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VMI Delivers Big Benefits to Your Business

Both big and small businesses know that optimizing the supply chain can lead to big benefits, including improved customer service, cost savings, and smoother operations.

  • Consistent Inventory – Inventory when you need it. Never worry about excess inventory or stockouts.
  • Quality Assurance – Strict quality control measures and guaranteed regulatory compliance.
  • Savings – Lower your COGS and improve cash flow.

Our Promise: Fast, Friendly, Accurate Service

Fast, Friendly, Accurate. It’s not just a tagline – these three fundamental values drive every action, behavior, and decision we make at QuickBox:

Fast order shipment


We react quickly to things that may adjust on a daily basis. Your orders are packed the same day and delivered on time to your customers.

Friendly fulfillment


We make great service a priority at QuickBox. We want our friendly and responsive team to feel like an extension of yours, right down the hall.

Accurate orders and inventory


We take care to ensure all packages arrive in good order to your customers and your inventory is accurately stated in our warehouse.


We offer competitive pricing and will provide you with a custom quote based on the unique needs of your business. Please contact us using the button below or by calling 720-990-5642. We look forward to discussing your business and how a partnership with QuickBox can help you reach your objectives.

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You Can Rely on QuickBox to Meet Your Service Level Expectations

24hrs Order Processing
24hrs Dock-to-Stock
99.8% Order Accuracy
48hrs Returns Processing

Easy Integration with Your Shopping Cart

Integrate your online store with QuickBox’s iQ Connect. We support today’s popular eCommerce and CRM platforms.

Let’s Talk!

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