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Returns Management Services for D2C eCommerce

Returned orders happen – we help make it hassle-free

Returns being received by QuickBox Fulfillment

An Important Part of Your Customer Service Program

Returns processing is an important and necessary part of every business, and especially for those selling direct-to-consumer. 

Allowing online customers to return products without frustration helps replicate the in-store retail shopping experience and build customer relationships. When done well, it can even help increase repeat sales and promote positive word of mouth. Yes, that’s true even from customers who return products! 

On the other hand, when the returns process is a hassle or unfriendly, it can lead to lost sales and negative comments – potentially multiplied many times over on social media and through negative reviews. That’s why having a robust returns processing service is such an important part of your customer service plan.

At QuickBox, we provide full returns services to most of our clients:

Same-day customer refunds

Same-Day Customer Refunds

We accept returned products with same-day customer refund processing Monday through Saturday.

Optimized return-to-stock

Optimized Return-to-Stock

Detailed return-to-stock monitoring ensures that your re-sellable product is placed back into inventory to save on costs.

Product refurbish and repair

Product Refurbish and Repair

We offer services to maximize the number of items that can be resold, including re-packing, re-tagging, shrink-wrapping, and garment steaming and cleaning.

20 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Potential Fulfillment and Returns Partner
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We Build Solutions to Facilitate Your Customer Returns

During the onboarding process, we ask our clients for a statement of their returns policy, criteria for product disposal, quarantine, or return-to-stock, as well as reporting requirements to facilitate crediting and subsequent customer service actions. We’ll then devise a solution for optimal implementation of the policy, using customized packing slips or insert cards, prepaid returns labels, return merchandise authorization (RMAs), and returns reporting for policy enforcement.

Our Promise: Fast, Friendly, Accurate Service

Fast, Friendly, Accurate. It’s not just a tagline – these three fundamental values drive every action, behavior, and decision we make at QuickBox:

Fast order shipping


We react quickly to things that may adjust on a daily basis. Your orders are packed the same day and delivered on time to your customers.

Friendly customer service


We make great service a priority at QuickBox. We want our friendly and responsive team to feel like an extension of yours, right down the hall.

Accurate fulfillment


We take care to ensure all packages arrive in good order to your customers and your inventory is accurately stated in our warehouse.


We offer competitive pricing and will provide you with a custom quote based on the unique needs of your business. Please contact us using the button below or by calling 720-990-5642. We look forward to discussing your business and how a partnership with QuickBox can help you reach your objectives.

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You Can Rely on QuickBox to Meet Your Service Level Expectations

24hrs Order Processing
24hrs Dock-to-Stock
99.8% Order Accuracy
48hrs Returns Processing

Easy Integration with Your Shopping Cart

Integrate your online store with QuickBox’s iQ Connect. We support today’s popular eCommerce and CRM platforms.

Let’s Talk!

 Ready to learn how QuickBox can help your business? Reach out to us to discuss your unique needs. We don’t make you fit into our “Box” – we build a “Box” to meet your changing needs!

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