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QuickBox Fulfillment Feb 7, 2022 3 min read

QuickBox is Now Shipping from New York / New Jersey

QuickBox recently announced that it has joined forces with Swan Packaging Fulfillment, adding a northeast (US) facility to its warehousing and shipping options. The Wayne, New Jersey location is close to New York City and the ports of New Jersey – ideal for east coast distribution. Along with its current facilities in Atlanta, Georgia, and Denver, Colorado, QuickBox’s combined three fulfillment centers provide clients with more options to reduce time-to-home and optimize shipping costs across the country.

Location is a very important consideration when evaluating a fulfillment provider. Why? Selecting a provider that has multiple facilities that are both close to your customers and close to you will help you get the maximum value out of your third party logistics service:

  • Reduced inbound and outbound costs. When evaluating fulfillment services, consider where most of your customers are located. The closer you are to them, the lower your costs to deliver packages to them. On the flipside is where your products are manufactured. Keeping your inbound transportation costs low also benefits your bottom line. It almost always costs less to ship 100 miles than to ship 500, 1,000, or more miles.

  • Available staff. A tight labor market can make it challenging to find and retain quality employees. Consider the location of your fulfillment provider and the growth opportunities that will help it to attract and keep staff. A well-located facility can more readily ensure it has the staffing required for your job.

  • Improved resiliency. Having your inventory split up among various warehouses helps you stay prepared for the unexpected. Environmental factors, such as bad weather, can leave you stranded if you have only one location. Splitting up your inventory in multiple locations also helps you respond faster to unforeseen problems, limiting delays due to backorders, manufacturing issues, or lost stock, for example.

  • Environmentally friendly. Having centrally located warehouses that are close to your customers also decreases carbon footprint and allows companies to be more sustainable. Not only does this mean you can help the Earth, but you can also improve efficiency and boost your business’ reputation as more people are seeking to partner with more sustainable companies.

  • Improved customer satisfaction. One of the most important goals of any business is to improve customer satisfaction. By having well-placed warehouse and storage facilities, you can improve shipping times, which leads to happier customers. Plus, they’ll receive their order faster without having to expedite shipping, which can lead to increased sales for you.

You might be concerned that having multiple warehouses means more complexities. The reality is that having multiple locations helps streamline technologies and reduces costs as you’re able to store your product closer to your customers and manufacturers. Ultimately, you and your customers win with faster delivery across the U.S. as well as more ways to optimize postage and transport costs.

With its expanded footprint and new northeast location, QuickBox is able to provide even more powerful ecommerce fulfillment services. It’s one more way we look forward to helping you grow your business this year!

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