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QuickBox Fulfillment Sep 28, 2022 5 min read

How a Tech-Enabled 3PL Can Help You Keep a Better Pulse on Your Business

What if you could see which parcel carriers have the best cost and time to deliver for each zone you ship to? What if you had an online portal that reported all the data you needed to manage your orders and see real-time inventory? What if the portal could even help you reroute packages from warehouses when disaster strikes (such as a flood, earthquake, or wildfire) or just to save money?

Would that better support your customers and give your business a competitive advantage? Of course!

QuickBox’s iQ platform is advanced tech that puts the real-time data you need at your fingertips, so you can make the right decisions to help your business, your team, and your customers succeed.

Improved Visibility

The iQ reporting platform doesn’t just show reports on what ships out. It drills down into the data and shows how to use that information to better support your business. For example, our clients have used the platform to:

  • Better manage parcel carriers to improve time to delivery and save thousands of dollars on postage
  • Manage packaging sizes and weights for the most popular products to potentially cut shipping costs dramatically
  • See real-time inventory to prevent products from going out of stock or to help slow-moving products move out faster
  • Update warehousing to ensure the zones with the most clients are better served with faster delivery times
  • Quickly and easily make bulk changes from one SKU or lot number to the next if products are sold out or recalled

Screenshot showing top 5 SKUs over last 90 days


Connect With Ease

Moving to a new system – even if it’s an upgrade – can be a tedious, time-sucking, and frustrating endeavor. Wouldn’t it be great to tap into a bridge from one system to the next without having to recreate or reconfigure everything?

iQ Connect works behind the scenes to create those connections without all the hassle. The system supports connections to 99+% of CRMs, which means you don’t have to stress about losing orders or dealing with system errors as you upgrade. You can enjoy peace of mind that your orders will be properly shipped from the most cost-effective warehouse to your customers, whether it’s an end consumer, a retailer, another warehouse (e.g., Amazon), or to multiple channels.

Plus, you’ll have full visibility to the system and can make changes without intense human intervention. This saves you time, effort, and money.

Always Improving

Our technology group is always working on advancing technologies that enable greater visibility and tools that give you more control and understanding of the big picture as well as the little details to grow and optimize your business. For example, recent updates have allowed customers to:

  • Automate workflows and shipping processes
  • Create “rules” for specific behaviors, SKUs, or sales cycles
  • Better compete against the big companies (like Amazon) in terms of cost and time to delivery, even if you’re a growing smallish or mid-sized company
  • Create carrier audits with real-time information, so you can pivot quickly and easily when necessary
  • Make changes on the fly as you discover new information to optimize your business

Screenshot showing business days in transit (time to home)


iQ Platform Advantages

By providing all the data you need with one easy-to-understand yet customizable dashboard, you’ll have the information necessary to create the best strategy for growth and optimization for your business. One QuickBox client, for example, saved over 20% on postage just by using the data at their fingertips and then optimizing their box size.

With full visibility and transparency, you’re the one in the driver’s seat. Yet because your client services team also shares that visibility, they can help you navigate past any potholes or even guide you to a faster route to your destination. The iQ technology platform really is that powerful.

Ready to learn more about QuickBox’s iQ client portal and how it can help you make smart data driven decisions to grow your business? Contact us today.