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QuickBox Fulfillment May 15, 2024 3 min read

Freight and Brokerage Services to Lower Transportation Costs

No matter what your business is, you know how important it is to enhance efficiencies and reduce costs. You also know that one of the largest costs is actually getting products into your customers’ eager hands. Choosing the right freight broker with expertise in transportation, planning, and efficiencies can significantly help. Because they’re well-versed in FBA delivery costs and managing LTL and FTL to key retailers, the right partner can provide guidance, support, and cost savings.

Inbound Deliveries from Manufacturers

Cost savings negotiations start before the product ever reaches the warehouse. Your freight service includes organizing and managing the transportation of goods from the manufacturer to the warehouse or directly to specific retail locations. This includes optimizing inbound logistics by choosing the best routes and transportation modes, considering the distance, cargo size, and how fast the product needs to arrive. Improving this supply-chain efficiency reduces the overhead for logistics and helps mitigate frustrations from managing every little (important) detail.

Decreased Costs for FBA Delivery

For many clients, Amazon has become a significant retail outlet. FBA, or fulfillment by Amazon, is a service that Amazon provides to store, package, and ship products for sellers. When customers place an order with Amazon for your product, Amazon can then ship the product directly to the customer, which many brands (and their customers) find highly convenient.

At QuickBox, we use our expertise for brokerage services to streamline the process, manage the logistics, and ensure compliance with all regulations. This can prevent costly delays or shipment rejections. In addition, by leveraging our relationships with carriers, we can often provide more competitive shipping rates, which again reduces the costs of FBA deliveries.

LTL and FLT Shipments to Retailers

Not all shipments take a full truck (LTL). In fact, many don’t. By combining partial loads that are traveling to the same area, QuickBox can maximize truck space, which reduces transportation costs for each shipment.

When you do have a full truckload (FTL), we use our expertise in route planning and load optimization to ensure shipments are delivered efficiently. Whichever shipment is most appropriate for your brand, these services help ensure products arrive at the retail destination in the most cost-effective manner.

Expertise Matters

You have expertise in developing your products, connecting with your customers, and solving their problems. Yet it’s impossible to be an expert in every aspect of a business. The right freight brokerage partner can help you optimize your network, pinpoint inefficiencies, and lower expenses.

Contact QuickBox today to learn how we can help you reduce the increasing costs of logistics by managing your freight.