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QuickBox Fulfillment Aug 31, 2022 4 min read

6 Ways the Right 3PL Partner Can Improve the Consumer Experience

Customer experience is everything to your brand. But if you’re like most companies, you’re juggling a lot these days. You have so many (often competing) priorities, yet your team has only so much time - which is at a premium. And that can be challenging when you’re doing your best to deliver an effortless, enjoyable experience for your customers from the moment they click on to your site to the moment your product is delivered — and beyond.

Fulfillment is one of the biggest and most important pieces of the customer experience. If the right product isn’t delivered on time or if communication is spotty, it will almost certainly leave a negative impression in the mind of your customer.

And a disappointed customer is likely to move on to another company that can better suit their needs. Even worse, they may tell friends and family or even post on social media about their unsatisfactory experience.

Fortunately, with the right 3PL partner, you can vastly improve your customers’ experience. Best of all, you don’t need to do it alone. 

Better Quality Fulfillment = Greater Customer Loyalty

Here are six ways working with the right fulfillment partner can enhance the customer experience:

1) Improve Communication
Sure, having the right sales pitch is vital to pique a customer’s interest enough to buy. But communication doesn’t end there. It continues with professional order confirmations, shipping notifications and updates, and even emails to confirm they’re happy with their order.

With the right fulfillment partner, this is all built into the process to ensure communication doesn’t get lost and to provide a positive impression throughout the order and fulfillment process.

2) Increase Accuracy
The right fulfillment service has processes in place to increase and continually improve order accuracy. If customers get the wrong product or their order is delayed, this can lead to frustration and negative feedback. Working to improve team engagement and thus order accuracy is vital for a better customer experience.

3) Boost Speed
In recent years, speed has become one of the most important tools for achieving customer satisfaction. Customers are looking for rapid delivery, even of last-minute orders, with minimal shipping and handling charges. The right fulfillment partner has multiple locations to ensure packages are delivered not only accurately but quickly, no matter where they’re going.

4) Enhance The Unboxing Experience
Presentation is important, and the right fulfillment provider will ensure that your customers open packages that look professional, neat, and clean. Some, like QuickBox, can also provide kitting services and custom-branded packaging to create a truly delightful unboxing experience.

5) Cut Costs
Third-party logistics services (aka 3PLs) maintain positive relationships with multiple shipping carriers to negotiate favorable pricing for all their clients. That means you save and continue to offer competitive pricing to your end customers. Plus, the greater efficiency can allow you to focus on what you do best — building and marketing your products, so you can continue to grow your business while saving on labor, packaging, and other fulfillment costs.

Outsourcing fulfillment with the right fulfillment partner can elevate your customers’ experience, which means they’re not just more likely to come back for their next order but to recommend your products and company to friends and family. That’s a big win for everyone involved.

Ready to learn more about QuickBox’s fulfillment services and how our third-party logistics can help you "wow" your customers? Contact us today.