Why QuickBox?

You have made the decision to outsource either part of or your entire fulfillment operations to a third-party. Now you are faced with choosing the right partner for these services. We believe you should choose Quick Box Fulfillment, and here’s why…

There are three fundamental values that are important to drive every action, behavior, and decision we make at Quick-Box. Those are being fast, friendly, and accurate. Each of those is extremely important to us as well as you. Being fast means reacting quickly to things that may adjust on a daily basis. It means packing your orders same day. It means time to home, the speed to delivery to your customer. Being accurate is extremely important because we want to make sure that your packages arrive in good order to your customers accurately. We also want to make sure that your inventory is accurately stated in our warehouse. We work on being friendly day in and day out amongst ourselves and our team members here, but most importantly with our clients. We believe that it’s more fun to have friends that you enjoy working with rather than just having a business acquaintance.


Our Warehouse


Inside our warehouse, you’ll find a blur of activity led by our energetic staff who are lead by experienced account managers that are dedicated to each warehouse team. The building itself is 105,000 sq ft. and a state of the art facility that is temperature-range controlled. We run our inventory warehouse system on FEFO. FEFO is a first expiry, first out system and is required by FDA for nutra, skin and food products.

Our Partners


QuickBox Fulfillment prides itself on partnering with leaders in the industry to offer value-added services and complete end-to-end solutions for our clients.

Our Guarantee

Quick-Box Fulfillment prides itself on delivering proven solutions for both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) clients. We take pride in knowing we are an extension of your brand and we take that seriously. We are human, our errors are ~ .02%, which is less than Amazon. And if we make a mistake, we will fix it, and you don't pay. When it comes to customer service, we can't be beat. Your dedicated Client Success Manager sends you an EOD (End of Day report) with your key business / fulfillment metrics, daily, including inventory stock status. We are here to help you succeed and don't want you to have to think about your back-end when it comes to logistics and supply chain. We've got that covered. We will ship daily, accurately and get your packages to your customers in three days or less.

Our Community

What we find most rewarding about operating this company is that we are #OnaMission to become Colorado’s largest “second chance” employer. We welcome with open arms, those who are recently homeless, are just immigrating into the US, have sought shelter from abuse and are living in women’s shelters, have recently been released from incarceration, or are honored disabled veterans. And, while they may be the most in need, they are in fact the most loyal, committed and hardworking people. We have built a program that allows anyone that proves themselves through hard work and dedication the ability to move up and up through the company.

Our Technology

We believe the future of technology in the fulfillment industry is only limited to the ideas that come from people–both from inside and outside the industry. Which CRM do you use? Excellent choice, we are fully integrated with them. That can be easily handled by our team while also allowing you full access to your inventory and all movement, anytime, in our warehouse management system.