What is order fulfillment for ecommerce companies?

If you are startup e commerce company, you have to deal with a volume of orders everyday, volumes requested by your users and the volume that keep your company survived. You might be initially confused about order fulfillment if you have never had dealt with it. This blog briefly guides you about what an order fulfillment is for an ecommerce companies and is it important for you to hire an expert to smoothly carry out the process.

Order fulfillment is the steps involved in receiving, processing and delivering orders directly or indirectly to the end users. A fulfillment service is actually a third party help that offers fulfillment steps on behalf of another company, such as an e commerce startup. 

Such a company usually does a lot of task to channelize the entire complex process of receiving orders from end users and then sending the order to them. They leverage on their expertise to simplify the receiving stage, manage part or entire inventory, process orders timely, ship orders based on defined parameters. They also manage the return processing units. 

E commerce companies usually hire or take help from specialized order fulfillment service providers because it helps them mitigate risks, enhance product delivery, manage smooth and systematic inventories and most importantly help the companies enhance their service. 

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