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Wellness Industry Brand Development: Where to Start with Marketing

At QuickBox Fulfillment we take care of all the logistics of launching and fulfilling your eCommerce brand so you can focus on brand development and marketing your product. But what if you are totally new to running an eCommerce business? You have the product you’d like to sell, but don’t have a great idea of where to start on marketing that product. Well, you are in luck because we can help with branding too! With QuickBox’s team of design experts, we can help you ensure that your brand gets noticed so you can entery the wellness industry with a bang! QuickBox can make custom labels that fit your company or customize the labels you’ve already created to fit your product. We will work with you to make the most unique label to draw the customer in and help your product and brand stand out from the crowd!

Below are some great pointers to get you started on developing your own brand and marketing plan for the wellness industry and beyond.

Take a moment to read through and you will find:

  • Target Message for Your Target Audience
  • Establishing Goals and Objectives
  • Marketing Budgets
  • Reaching Your Target Customers
  • Muti-Channel Marketing
  • Brand Message

A lot of seasoned corporate brand strategists believe that the main aim is to develop trust factors. The whole exercise is undertaken to develop the sense of being with them as and when they are asking for. It is about making the target audience say that “I can count on you” rather than saying “what a big brand”!

However, you may have different goals to achieve with your brand. For example, if you are selling high-end products like jewelry or expensive dress materials, you may be going for a brand identity like “what a big brand.” However, if you are working on some service sectors or regular products, where durability, effectiveness or timeliness is very important, you might be thinking about developing a brand around “I can count on you.”

In this way, you can find thousands of goals to achieve with different brands. But in every situation, you must win the trust of your target audience. For example, they should trust you as a “big brand” and your dress materials will not turn out of date soon. Or they must trust you as a reliable brand if you are dealing in service sectors.

Thus, before you start any sort of branding exercise, you must find out the message you want to convey to your target audience. You must develop a flowchart on how you want to be conceived by the target audience and then work accordingly to achieve this brand image.

Many owners and leaders of small and mid-size businesses decide on the marketing tactic they want to pursue as a reaction to a specific incident. Rather than taking the time to develop a Marketing Plan specific to their company objectives, they use quick fix solutions to address broader issues. Does this sound like you?

  • A new business needs a logo. Make a logo.
  • Sales are down. Run an ad.
  • New office location. Send out a direct mail piece.
  • Holidays are coming. Send holiday greeting cards.

While all of those tactics may be good ideas, they aren’t part of a cohesive plan to grow and develop your customer base and maximize their contribution to your business results. By themselves, they may be mildly effective and yield short-term results, but no single tactic will sustain your brand. A better way to do grow your business is to develop an integrated brand development and marketing plan. Not as intimidating as it sounds, a full brand and marketing strategy is a road map that keeps you on track and focused on goals, budget and results. 

What are your goals and objectives?

List all quantifiable goals such as sales increases, customer survey results and P&L standards as well as softer objectives like skills training for employees and community service. Develop your message, your company goals and objective should lead you to your message. The what, why, where, when that is important to customers. Because this is the key to branding your business you may want to bring a marketing expert into work with your team on the focus points and how to craft a succinct, viable message that will affect a positive response from your audience. 

What will your marketing budget be?

It is so important that you have an idea of what you can afford before you begin planning a strategy. Many companies budget based on what they spent last year, but that isn’t always valid. Some businesses use a percent of sales as the benchmark, researching their industry standards as a reference. Whichever method you use, be sure to consider factors like new product launches and expansion plans when setting your budget. 

Which customer group impacts each goal?

Look at both internal and external customers to better understand where your marketing needs are greatest and identify target customer groups. Plan to use every customer interaction to your advantage. Begin to attach volume numbers to each goal. 

How can you reach your target customers?

Take time to analyze your target customers’ habits to better understand how they may best receive information. There are always multiple ways to reach them based on your budget. Review all selling methods used by your company as well as throughout your industry. Direct selling and indirect selling will require different support mechanisms to grow sales. 

What options for Multi-channel marketing are best for you?

Even businesses on a strict budget can diversify their approach to capture a broader audience. A marketing professional should be able to provide options, costs, projected return and will work with you to validate results. Quantify your results Put numbers to every project and evaluate success against your goals and objectives. Not all of your marketing efforts will be on target, but as you progress through your plans you will begin to better understand customer preferences and how to more effectively drive results. Course correct…and keep going! 

What is your brand message?

Take the time to create a brand message worth sending and put it out there as often as you can. Marketing should be a vibrant and exciting part of the company strategic plan, part of the face and the voice of any organization. Make every impression a good one.

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