expanding distribution verticals

Growing Your Business: Expanding Distribution Verticals


The client was originally only selling their products on their website, D2C. The lack of experience in expanding distribution verticals was not enough to take them to the level they wanted to go.


To take the current product offerings and sales to the next level, our strategy was to help them expand their verticals of sales distribution. We did so by assisting them in entering new verticals such as Amazon, Click Bank, Shopify and Walmart.


With our assisted strategy, this client increased their revenue growth by 300%.


This Los Angeles based company builds specialized solutions in the Lead Generation, Consumer Content and E-Commerce verticals. They focus on building owned and operated sites that provide maximum yield while driving high intent, quality leads and sales. They work in multiple marketing arenas including web, mobile and pay per call within the Finance, Insurance, Debt and Direct to Consumer Product verticals.

They signed on with QuickBox Fulfillment in February of 2017.

distribution verticals


“Always willing to listen to the needs of our company, and be flexible to help us achieve growth.”

“Quickbox offers competitive rates and valuable service. They have been courteous and insightful. Response times are prompt. Their staff of knowledgeable specialists manage a consistently smooth flow from the time our products leave the manufacturer until they reach our customer’s door.”


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