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Let’s face it: pets are part of the family. And when they feel stressed or anxious, so do their owners. Like people, dogs also experience pain and inflammation—often through no fault of their own. Poor diet, old age, and diseases like cancer are as common in pets as they are in people, which only make the above-mentioned issues that much worse. Fortunately, supplementation with key nutrients may help our dogs combat everyday stress and anxiety while also helping relieve discomfort from age and/or illness.

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Hemp Extract: to reduce pain and inflammation as well as relieve stress.
Hemp Protein: to improve energy, support healthy skin, coat, and joints, and strengthen the immune system.
L-Tryptophan: an essential amino acid to help support a dog’s serotonin levels to calm and soothe the mood.
Chamomile Powder: an herb shown to help calm the nerves and stomach as well as reduce anxiety.
Ginger Root: a natural anti-inflammatory, ginger may help relieve joint pain as well as relieving nausea and bloating.
Passion Flower: to help relieve stress and anxiety while potentially lifting mood.
Valerian Root: a mild, calming sedative, valerian root may relieve stress, anxiety, and help support sleep.
Melatonin: to help calm dogs especially before stressful events and to reduce anxiety.