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QuickBox Fulfillment Oct 20, 2021 5 min read

Is Your White Label Product Black Friday Ready?

It’s that time of year again: time for brands of all sizes and shapes to wow customers with promotions, campaigns, special offers, and excitement as they prepare for the holidays. Is your white label product ready for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and a stellar holiday season?

One thing we know for sure: when it comes to Black Friday customers are seeking deep deals and increased value. And there’s also a lot of competition during this time as online and brick-and-mortar retailers alike offer deals to capture their share of the seasonal pie. Many brands use this time to bring in new customers, but cutting margins too close can put your business at risk.

So, it’s important to ensure your brand is ready for this time of increased business. Here are some simple steps to make sure you’re ready to go holiday season:

#1: Prepare

Few brands spend enough time getting prepared for this potential chaotic, busy time of year. That’s a big mistake. To make sure your brand is ready for the increased competition and orders, help prepare your customer support team to answer customer questions, your fulfillment team to handle increased orders, and your executive team to be available to make decisions and provide support and for the entire team to be clear on new offers, discounts, and expectations.

Black Friday isn’t just about sending out a single email offer. You want to get the offer right by looking at your competitors, working with your accounting team to make sure the offer is still profitable, and working with your marketing team to test the campaign and then get the word out and automate the process.

Preparing for this big day in advance will help you and your brand stand out, get noticed, and invite in new customers while making your current customers feel appreciated.

#2: Make it Exclusive

Black Friday comes around only one day of year. Help your customers get excited about the day and your offer by creating a sense of urgency with a really cool offer that drives them to take action.

One way to do so is to set a limit on the deal. This can encourage customers to act quickly to ensure they get to take part. Because only a limited number can take part, that can lead to an increased feeling of being a part of an exclusive group.

This also allows you to lower the price of your products for a limited time, so you can still maintain a premium brand status, instead of racing toward the bottom and being seen as just another discount brand.

Providing exclusive, limited offers can also protect your team from being overwhelmed with orders, increased demands, and potential stock outs. You and your team are in charge and can control the level of stress placed on your resources.

#3 Bundle Up

Sure, it’s getting cooler (at least in many parts of the country), but that’s not what we’re talking about. Rather, you can bundle or kit products together with a single rate. This can help you move inventory of slower moving products with ones that fly off the shelf, providing greater value for your customers and helping them discover a product they may not have tried before. 

#4 Select the Right Fulfillment Partner

Don’t leave that customer experience in the hands of just anyone – your brand reputation is on the line! Selecting an experienced, reliable private label fulfillment partner like QuickBox will help to ensure your customers’ products arrive safely, quickly, and nicely packaged with the correct products.

#5 Build Relationships

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that you aren’t just making a single Black Friday sale; you’re building a new relationship with a customer. Provide an experience that delights them so much, they want to keep coming back again and again throughout the year.

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